Random Number Generators (scipy.stats.sampling)

This module contains a collection of random number generators to sample from univariate continuous and discrete distributions. It uses the implementation of a C library called “UNU.RAN”.

Generators Wrapped

For continuous distributions

NumericalInverseHermite(dist, *[, domain, …])

Hermite interpolation based INVersion of CDF (HINV).

NumericalInversePolynomial(dist, *[, mode, …])

Polynomial interpolation based INVersion of CDF (PINV).

TransformedDensityRejection(dist, *[, mode, …])

Transformed Density Rejection (TDR) Method.

SimpleRatioUniforms(dist, *[, mode, …])

Simple Ratio-of-Uniforms (SROU) Method.

For discrete distributions

DiscreteAliasUrn(dist, *[, domain, …])

Discrete Alias-Urn Method.

DiscreteGuideTable(dist, *[, domain, …])

Discrete Guide Table method.

Warnings / Errors used in scipy.stats.sampling


Raised when an error occurs in the UNU.RAN library.