classmethod CensoredData.right_censored(x, censored)[source]#

Create a CensoredData instance of right-censored data.


x is the array of observed data or measurements. x must be a one-dimensional sequence of finite numbers.

censoredarray_like of bool

censored must be a one-dimensional sequence of boolean values. If censored[k] is True, the corresponding value in x is right-censored. That is, the value x[k] is the lower bound of the true (but unknown) value.


An instance of CensoredData that represents the collection of uncensored and right-censored values.


>>> from scipy.stats import CensoredData

Two uncensored values (4 and 10) and two right-censored values (24 and 25).

>>> data = CensoredData.right_censored([4, 10, 24, 25],
...                                    [False, False, True, True])
>>> data
CensoredData(uncensored=array([ 4., 10.]),
left=array([], dtype=float64), right=array([24., 25.]),
interval=array([], shape=(0, 2), dtype=float64))
>>> print(data)
CensoredData(4 values: 2 not censored, 2 right-censored)