scipy.optimize.root_scalar(f, args=(), method=None, bracket=None, fprime=None, fprime2=None, x0=None, x1=None, xtol=None, rtol=None, maxiter=None, options=None)

See also

For documentation for the rest of the parameters, see scipy.optimize.root_scalar

argstuple, optional

Extra arguments passed to the objective function and its derivative.

xtolfloat, optional

Tolerance (absolute) for termination.

rtolfloat, optional

Tolerance (relative) for termination.

maxiterint, optional

Maximum number of iterations.

x0float, required

Initial guess.

fprimebool or callable, optional

If fprime is a boolean and is True, f is assumed to return the value of derivative along with the objective function. fprime can also be a callable returning the derivative of f. In this case, it must accept the same arguments as f.

options: dict, optional

Specifies any method-specific options not covered above.