scipy.optimize.root_scalar(f, args=(), method=None, bracket=None, fprime=None, fprime2=None, x0=None, x1=None, xtol=None, rtol=None, maxiter=None, options=None)

See also

For documentation for the rest of the parameters, see scipy.optimize.root_scalar

argstuple, optional

Extra arguments passed to the objective function.

bracket: A sequence of 2 floats, optional

An interval bracketing a root. f(x, *args) must have different signs at the two endpoints.

xtolfloat, optional

Tolerance (absolute) for termination.

rtolfloat, optional

Tolerance (relative) for termination.

maxiterint, optional

Maximum number of iterations.

options: dict, optional

Specifies any method-specific options not covered above.