scipy.stats.rvs_ratio_uniforms(pdf, umax, vmin, vmax, size=1, c=0, random_state=None)[source]#

Generate random samples from a probability density function using the ratio-of-uniforms method.

Deprecated since version 1.12.0: rvs_ratio_uniforms is deprecated in favour of scipy.stats.sampling.RatioUniforms from version 1.12.0 and will be removed in SciPy 1.15.0


A function with signature pdf(x) that is proportional to the probability density function of the distribution.


The upper bound of the bounding rectangle in the u-direction.


The lower bound of the bounding rectangle in the v-direction.


The upper bound of the bounding rectangle in the v-direction.

sizeint or tuple of ints, optional

Defining number of random variates (default is 1).

cfloat, optional.

Shift parameter of ratio-of-uniforms method, see Notes. Default is 0.

random_state{None, int, numpy.random.Generator,

If seed is None (or np.random), the numpy.random.RandomState singleton is used. If seed is an int, a new RandomState instance is used, seeded with seed. If seed is already a Generator or RandomState instance then that instance is used.


The random variates distributed according to the probability distribution defined by the pdf.


Please refer to scipy.stats.sampling.RatioUniforms for the documentation.