Delaunay.find_simplex(self, xi, bruteforce=False, tol=None)#

Find the simplices containing the given points.


Delaunay triangulation

xindarray of double, shape (…, ndim)

Points to locate

bruteforcebool, optional

Whether to only perform a brute-force search

tolfloat, optional

Tolerance allowed in the inside-triangle check. Default is 100*eps.

indarray of int, same shape as xi

Indices of simplices containing each point. Points outside the triangulation get the value -1.


This uses an algorithm adapted from Qhull’s qh_findbestfacet, which makes use of the connection between a convex hull and a Delaunay triangulation. After finding the simplex closest to the point in N+1 dimensions, the algorithm falls back to directed search in N dimensions.