csr_array.todense(order=None, out=None)[source]#

Return a dense matrix representation of this sparse array.

order{‘C’, ‘F’}, optional

Whether to store multi-dimensional data in C (row-major) or Fortran (column-major) order in memory. The default is ‘None’, which provides no ordering guarantees. Cannot be specified in conjunction with the out argument.

outndarray, 2-D, optional

If specified, uses this array (or numpy.matrix) as the output buffer instead of allocating a new array to return. The provided array must have the same shape and dtype as the sparse array on which you are calling the method.

arrnumpy.matrix, 2-D

A NumPy matrix object with the same shape and containing the same data represented by the sparse array, with the requested memory order. If out was passed and was an array (rather than a numpy.matrix), it will be filled with the appropriate values and returned wrapped in a numpy.matrix object that shares the same memory.