csc_matrix.todense(order=None, out=None)[source]#

Return a dense representation of this sparse array/matrix.

order{‘C’, ‘F’}, optional

Whether to store multi-dimensional data in C (row-major) or Fortran (column-major) order in memory. The default is ‘None’, which provides no ordering guarantees. Cannot be specified in conjunction with the out argument.

outndarray, 2-D, optional

If specified, uses this array (or numpy.matrix) as the output buffer instead of allocating a new array to return. The provided array must have the same shape and dtype as the sparse array/matrix on which you are calling the method.

arrnumpy.matrix, 2-D

A NumPy matrix object with the same shape and containing the same data represented by the sparse array/matrix, with the requested memory order. If out was passed and was an array (rather than a numpy.matrix), it will be filled with the appropriate values and returned wrapped in a numpy.matrix object that shares the same memory.