scipy.signal.medfilt2d(input, kernel_size=3)[source]#

Median filter a 2-dimensional array.

Apply a median filter to the input array using a local window-size given by kernel_size (must be odd). The array is zero-padded automatically.


A 2-dimensional input array.

kernel_sizearray_like, optional

A scalar or a list of length 2, giving the size of the median filter window in each dimension. Elements of kernel_size should be odd. If kernel_size is a scalar, then this scalar is used as the size in each dimension. Default is a kernel of size (3, 3).


An array the same size as input containing the median filtered result.


This is faster than medfilt when the input dtype is uint8, float32, or float64; for other types, this falls back to medfilt; you should use scipy.ndimage.median_filter instead as it is much faster. In some situations, scipy.ndimage.median_filter may be faster than this function.