class scipy.integrate.OdeSolution(ts, interpolants)[source]#

Continuous ODE solution.

It is organized as a collection of DenseOutput objects which represent local interpolants. It provides an algorithm to select a right interpolant for each given point.

The interpolants cover the range between t_min and t_max (see Attributes below). Evaluation outside this interval is not forbidden, but the accuracy is not guaranteed.

When evaluating at a breakpoint (one of the values in ts) a segment with the lower index is selected.

tsarray_like, shape (n_segments + 1,)

Time instants between which local interpolants are defined. Must be strictly increasing or decreasing (zero segment with two points is also allowed).

interpolantslist of DenseOutput with n_segments elements

Local interpolants. An i-th interpolant is assumed to be defined between ts[i] and ts[i + 1].

t_min, t_maxfloat

Time range of the interpolation.



Evaluate the solution.