scipy.fft.set_backend(backend, coerce=False, only=False)[source]#

Context manager to set the backend within a fixed scope.

Upon entering the with statement, the given backend will be added to the list of available backends with the highest priority. Upon exit, the backend is reset to the state before entering the scope.

backend{object, ‘scipy’}

The backend to use. Can either be a str containing the name of a known backend {‘scipy’} or an object that implements the uarray protocol.

coercebool, optional

Whether to allow expensive conversions for the x parameter. e.g., copying a NumPy array to the GPU for a CuPy backend. Implies only.

onlybool, optional

If only is True and this backend returns NotImplemented, then a BackendNotImplemented error will be raised immediately. Ignoring any lower priority backends.


>>> import scipy.fft as fft
>>> with fft.set_backend('scipy', only=True):
...     fft.fft([1])  # Always calls the scipy implementation