scipy.constants.find(sub=None, disp=False)[source]#

Return list of physical_constant keys containing a given string.


Sub-string to search keys for. By default, return all keys.


If True, print the keys that are found and return None. Otherwise, return the list of keys without printing anything.

keyslist or None

If disp is False, the list of keys is returned. Otherwise, None is returned.


>>> from scipy.constants import find, physical_constants

Which keys in the physical_constants dictionary contain ‘boltzmann’?

>>> find('boltzmann')
['Boltzmann constant',
 'Boltzmann constant in Hz/K',
 'Boltzmann constant in eV/K',
 'Boltzmann constant in inverse meter per kelvin',
 'Stefan-Boltzmann constant']

Get the constant called ‘Boltzmann constant in Hz/K’:

>>> physical_constants['Boltzmann constant in Hz/K']
(20836619120.0, 'Hz K^-1', 0.0)

Find constants with ‘radius’ in the key:

>>> find('radius')
['Bohr radius',
 'classical electron radius',
 'deuteron rms charge radius',
 'proton rms charge radius']
>>> physical_constants['classical electron radius']
(2.8179403262e-15, 'm', 1.3e-24)