SciPy 1.2.2 Release Notes#

SciPy 1.2.2 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 1.2.1. Importantly, the SciPy 1.2.2 wheels are built with OpenBLAS to alleviate issues with SkylakeX AVX512 kernels.


  • CJ Carey

  • Tyler Dawson +

  • Ralf Gommers

  • Kai Striega

  • Andrew Nelson

  • Tyler Reddy

  • Kevin Sheppard +

A total of 7 people contributed to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time. This list of names is automatically generated, and may not be fully complete.

Issues closed for 1.2.2#

  • #9611: Overflow error with new way of p-value calculation in kendall tau correlation for perfectly monotonic vectors

  • #9964: optimize.newton : overwrites x0 argument when it is a numpy array

  • #9784: TST: Minimum NumPy version is not being CI tested

  • #10132: Docs: Description of nnz attribute of sparse.csc_matrix misleading

Pull requests for 1.2.2#

  • #10056: BUG: Ensure factorial is not too large in kendaltau

  • #9991: BUG: Avoid inplace modification of input array in newton

  • #9788: TST, BUG: f2py-related issues with NumPy < 1.14.0

  • #9749: BUG: MapWrapper.__exit__ should terminate

  • #10141: Update description for nnz on