SciPy 1.5.1 Release Notes#

SciPy 1.5.1 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 1.5.0. In particular, an issue where DLL loading can fail for SciPy wheels on Windows with Python 3.6 has been fixed.


  • Peter Bell

  • Loïc Estève

  • Philipp Thölke +

  • Tyler Reddy

  • Paul van Mulbregt

  • Pauli Virtanen

  • Warren Weckesser

A total of 7 people contributed to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time. This list of names is automatically generated, and may not be fully complete.

Issues closed for 1.5.1#

  • #9108: documentation: scipy.spatial.KDTree vs. scipy.spatial.cKDTree

  • #12218: Type error in stats.ks_2samp when alternative != ‘two-sided-

  • #12406: DOC: Docstring in stats.anderson function not properly formatted

  • #12418: Regression in hierarchy.dendogram

Pull requests for 1.5.1#

  • #12280: BUG: Fixes gh-12218, TypeError converting int to float inside…

  • #12336: BUG: KDTree should reject complex input points

  • #12344: MAINT: Don’t use numpy’s aliases of Python builtin objects.

  • #12407: DOC: Fix docstring for dist param in anderson function

  • #12410: CI: Run the Azure Windows Python36 32bit tests with mode ‘fast’

  • #12421: Fix regression in scipy 1.5.0 in dendogram when labels is a numpy…

  • #12462: MAINT: move distributor_init import after __config__ import