scipy.signal.decimate(x, q, n=None, ftype='iir', axis=-1)[source]

Downsample the signal by using a filter.

By default, an order 8 Chebyshev type I filter is used. A 30 point FIR filter with hamming window is used if ftype is ‘fir’.

Parameters :

x : ndarray

The signal to be downsampled, as an N-dimensional array.

q : int

The downsampling factor.

n : int, optional

The order of the filter (1 less than the length for ‘fir’).

ftype : str {‘iir’, ‘fir’}, optional

The type of the lowpass filter.

axis : int, optional

The axis along which to decimate.

Returns :

y : ndarray

The down-sampled signal.

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