Fourier transforms (numpy.fft)


fft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the one dimensional fft on a given axis.
ifft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the one-dimensonal inverse fft along an axis.


fft2 (a[, s, axes, -1)) Compute the 2-D FFT of an array.
ifft2 (a[, s, axes, -1)) Compute the inverse 2d fft of an array.


fftn (a[, s, axes]) Compute the N-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform.
ifftn (a[, s, axes]) Compute the inverse of fftn.

Hermite symmetric

hfft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the fft of a signal which spectrum has Hermitian symmetry.
ihfft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the inverse fft of a signal whose spectrum has Hermitian symmetry.


rfft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the one-dimensional fft for real input.
irfft (a[, n, axis]) Compute the one-dimensional inverse fft for real input.
rfft2 (a[, s, axes, -1)) Compute the 2-dimensional fft of a real array.
irfft2 (a[, s, axes, -1)) Compute the 2-dimensional inverse fft of a real array.
rfftn (a[, s, axes]) Compute the n-dimensional fft of a real array.
irfftn (a[, s, axes]) Compute the n-dimensional inverse fft of a real array.

Helper routines

fftfreq (n[, d]) Discrete Fourier Transform sample frequencies.
fftshift (x[, axes]) Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum.
ifftshift (x[, axes]) Inverse of fftshift.