numpy.fft.fftn(a, s=None, axes=None)

Compute the N-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform.


a : array_like

Input array.

s : sequence of ints

Shape of each axis of the input (s[0] refers to axis 0, s[1] to axis 1, etc.). This corresponds to n for fft(x, n). Along any axis, if the given shape is smaller than that of the input, the input is cropped. If it is larger, the input is padded with zeros.

axes : tuple of int

Axes over which to compute the FFT.


Analogously to fft, the term for zero frequency in all axes is in the low-order corner, while the term for the Nyquist frequency in all axes is in the middle.

If neither s nor axes is specified, the transform is taken along all axes. If s is specified and axes is not, the last len(s) axes are used. If axes is specified and s is not, the input shape along the specified axes is used. If s and axes are both specified and are not the same length, an exception is raised.

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