numpy.fft.ifftn(a, s=None, axes=None)

Compute the inverse of fftn.


a : array

input array

s : sequence (int)

shape of the ifft

axis : int

axis over which to compute the ifft


The n-dimensional ifft of a. s is a sequence giving the shape of the input an result along the transformed axes, as n for fft. Results are packed analogously to fft: the term for zero frequency in all axes is in the low-order corner, while the term for the Nyquist frequency in all axes is in the middle.

If neither s nor axes is specified, the transform is taken along all axes. If s is specified and axes is not, the last len(s) axes are used. If axes are specified and s is not, the input shape along the specified axes is used. If s and axes are both specified and are not the same length, an exception is raised.

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