Rotation.approx_equal(self, Rotation other, atol=None, degrees=False)#

Determine if another rotation is approximately equal to this one.

Equality is measured by calculating the smallest angle between the rotations, and checking to see if it is smaller than atol.

otherRotation instance

Object containing the rotations to measure against this one.

atolfloat, optional

The absolute angular tolerance, below which the rotations are considered equal. If not given, then set to 1e-8 radians by default.

degreesbool, optional

If True and atol is given, then atol is measured in degrees. If False (default), then atol is measured in radians.

approx_equalndarray or bool

Whether the rotations are approximately equal, bool if object contains a single rotation and ndarray if object contains multiple rotations.


>>> from scipy.spatial.transform import Rotation as R
>>> import numpy as np
>>> p = R.from_quat([0, 0, 0, 1])
>>> q = R.from_quat(np.eye(4))
>>> p.approx_equal(q)
array([False, False, False, True])

Approximate equality for a single rotation:

>>> p.approx_equal(q[0])