Triaging and curating issues#

SciPy has many hundreds of open issues. Closing invalid ones and correctly labelling valid ones (ideally with some first thoughts in a comment) allows prioritizing maintenance work and finding related issues easily when working on an existing function or subpackage.

While anyone can comment and give more information on open issues, extra permissions are needed if you want to apply labels to issues in the SciPy repository. While there is no formal process to receive triage rights, the expectation is that someone should be active as a contributor before joining the team.

Roles and permissions#

SciPy uses two levels of permissions: triage and core team members. Triage members can label and close issues and pull requests, while maintainers can label and close issues and pull request, and can also merge pull requests.

GitHub publishes the full list of permissions for the platform.

Improving issues#

Issue descriptions can be incomplete, inaccurate or outdated. No special permissions are needed to work on improving them - this can be useful and help reduce the workload for maintainers and other contributors. The following actions are typically useful:

  • documenting issues that are missing elements to reproduce the problem such as code samples

  • suggesting to reformulate the title and description to make them more explicit about the problem to be solved

  • linking to related issues or discussions while briefly describing how they are related, for instance “See also #xyz for a similar attempt at this” provides context and helps the discussion.

Keep in mind that every comment on an issue or pull request creates a notification for a group of people. Be mindful and make use of the edit comment button when necessary.

Fruitful discussions#

Online discussions may be harder than it seems at first glance, in particular given that a person new to open-source may have a very different understanding of the process than a seasoned maintainer.

Overall, it is useful to stay positive and assume good will. This article explores how to lead online discussions in the context of open source. It’s also important to remember that all interactions are expected to follow the SciPy Code of Conduct.

Issue labels (requires triage rights)#

When an issue or pull request is created, SciPy may automatically assign one or more labels depending on the title or section of the code involved. For example, all issues created with title including the BUG: prefix will automatically receive a defect label.

In some cases, it may be useful to also include other labels manually. Any person with triage rights can add or remove label as appropriate. Check the full description of the current labels for more information.

Other references#