class scipy.integrate.complex_ode(f, jac=None)[source]

A wrapper of ode for complex systems.

This functions similarly as ode, but re-maps a complex-valued equation system to a real-valued one before using the integrators.

f : callable f(t, y, *f_args)

Rhs of the equation. t is a scalar, y.shape == (n,). f_args is set by calling set_f_params(*args).

jac : callable jac(t, y, *jac_args)

Jacobian of the rhs, jac[i,j] = d f[i] / d y[j]. jac_args is set by calling set_f_params(*args).


For usage examples, see ode.

t : float

Current time.

y : ndarray

Current variable values.


get_return_code() Extracts the return code for the integration to enable better control if the integration fails.
integrate(t[, step, relax]) Find y=y(t), set y as an initial condition, and return y.
set_f_params(*args) Set extra parameters for user-supplied function f.
set_initial_value(y[, t]) Set initial conditions y(t) = y.
set_integrator(name, **integrator_params) Set integrator by name.
set_jac_params(*args) Set extra parameters for user-supplied function jac.
set_solout(solout) Set callable to be called at every successful integration step.
successful() Check if integration was successful.