Functions to construct sparse matrices


bmat(blocks[, format, dtype]) Build a sparse matrix from sparse sub-blocks
eye(m, n[, k, dtype, format]) eye(m, n) returns a sparse (m x n) matrix where the k-th diagonal
hstack(blocks[, format, dtype]) Stack sparse matrices horizontally (column wise)
identity(n[, dtype, format]) Identity matrix in sparse format
kron(A, B[, format]) kronecker product of sparse matrices A and B
kronsum(A, B[, format]) kronecker sum of sparse matrices A and B
rand(m, n[, density, format, dtype]) Generate a sparse matrix of the given shape and density with uniformely distributed values.
spdiags(data, diags, m, n[, format]) Return a sparse matrix from diagonals.
upcast(*args) Returns the nearest supported sparse dtype for the combination of one or more types.
vstack(blocks[, format, dtype]) Stack sparse matrices vertically (row wise)
warn(message[, category, stacklevel]) Issue a warning, or maybe ignore it or raise an exception.


bsr_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy, blocksize]) Block Sparse Row matrix
coo_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) A sparse matrix in COOrdinate format.
csc_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) Compressed Sparse Column matrix
csr_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) Compressed Sparse Row matrix
dia_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) Sparse matrix with DIAgonal storage
lil_matrix(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) Row-based linked list sparse matrix

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