scipy.signal.hilbert(x, N=None, axis=-1)

Compute the analytic signal.

The transformation is done along the last axis by default.

Parameters :

x : array-like

Signal data

N : int, optional

Number of Fourier components. Default: x.shape[axis]

axis : int, optional

Returns :

xa : ndarray

Analytic signal of x, of each 1d array along axis


The analytic signal x_a(t) of x(t) is:

x_a = F^{-1}(F(x) 2U) = x + i y

where F is the Fourier transform, U the unit step function, and y the Hilbert transform of x. [1]

changes in scipy 0.8.0: new axis argument, new default axis=-1


[R36]Wikipedia, “Analytic signal”.

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