scipy.signal.get_window(window, Nx, fftbins=True)

Return a window of length Nx and type window.

If fftbins is True, create a “periodic” window ready to use with ifftshift and be multiplied by the result of an fft (SEE ALSO fftfreq).

Window types: boxcar, triang, blackman, hamming, hanning, bartlett,
parzen, bohman, blackmanharris, nuttall, barthann, kaiser (needs beta), gaussian (needs std), general_gaussian (needs power, width), slepian (needs width), chebwin (needs attenuation)

If the window requires no parameters, then it can be a string. If the window requires parameters, the window argument should be a tuple

with the first argument the string name of the window, and the next arguments the needed parameters.
If window is a floating point number, it is interpreted as the beta
parameter of the kaiser window.

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