Integration and ODEs (scipy.integrate)

Integrating functions, given function object

quad (func, a, b[, args=(), full_output, ...]) Compute a definite integral.
dblquad (func, a, b, gfun, hfun[, args=(), epsabs, ...]) Compute a double (definite) integral.
tplquad (func, a, b, gfun, hfun, qfun, rfun[, args=(), epsabs, ...]) Compute a triple (definite) integral.
fixed_quad (func, a, b[, args=(), n]) Compute a definite integral using fixed-order Gaussian quadrature.
quadrature (func, a, b[, args=(), tol, maxiter, ...]) Compute a definite integral using fixed-tolerance Gaussian quadrature.
romberg (function, a, b[, args=(), tol, show, ...]) Romberg integration of a callable function or method.

Integrating functions, given fixed samples

trapz (y[, x, dx, axis]) Integrate along the given axis using the composite trapezoidal rule.
cumtrapz (y[, x, dx, axis]) Cumulatively integrate y(x) using samples along the given axis and the composite trapezoidal rule. If x is None, spacing given by dx is assumed.
simps (y[, x, dx, axis, even]) Integrate y(x) using samples along the given axis and the composite Simpson’s rule. If x is None, spacing of dx is assumed.
romb (y[, dx, axis, show]) Romberg integration using samples of a function

See also

scipy.special for orthogonal polynomials (special) for Gaussian quadrature roots and weights for other weighting factors and regions.

Integrators of ODE systems

odeint (func, y0, t[, args=(), Dfun, col_deriv, ...]) Integrate a system of ordinary differential equations.
ode A generic interface class to numeric integrators.