scipy.integrate.romberg(function, a, b, args=(), tol=1.48e-08, show=False, divmax=10, vec_func=False)

Romberg integration of a callable function or method.

Returns the integral of |function| (a function of one variable) over |interval| (a sequence of length two containing the lower and upper limit of the integration interval), calculated using Romberg integration up to the specified |accuracy|. If |show| is 1, the triangular array of the intermediate results will be printed. If |vec_func| is True (default is False), then |function| is assumed to support vector arguments.

See also:

quad - adaptive quadrature using QUADPACK quadrature - adaptive Gaussian quadrature fixed_quad - fixed-order Gaussian quadrature dblquad, tplquad - double and triple integrals romb, simps, trapz - integrators for sampled data cumtrapz - cumulative integration for sampled data ode, odeint - ODE integrators

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