scipy.signal.convolve(in1, in2, mode='full')

Convolve two N-dimensional arrays.


Convolve in1 and in2 with output size determined by mode.


in1 – an N-dimensional array. in2 – an array with the same number of dimensions as in1. mode – a flag indicating the size of the output

‘valid’ (0): The output consists only of those elements that
are computed by scaling the larger array with all the values of the smaller array.
‘same’ (1): The output is the same size as the largest input
centered with respect to the ‘full’ output.
‘full’ (2): The output is the full discrete linear convolution
of the inputs. (Default)

Outputs: (out,)

out – an N-dimensional array containing a subset of the discrete linear
convolution of in1 with in2.

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