scipy.signal.chirp(t, f0=0, t1=1, f1=100, method='linear', phi=0, qshape=None)

Frequency-swept cosine generator.


t : ndarray

Times at which to evaluate the waveform.

f0 : float or ndarray, optional

Frequency (in Hz) of the waveform at time 0. If f0 is an ndarray, it specifies the frequency change as a polynomial in t (see Notes below).

t1 : float, optional

Time at which f1 is specified.

f1 : float, optional

Frequency (in Hz) of the waveform at time t1.

method : {‘linear’, ‘quadratic’, ‘logarithmic’}, optional

Kind of frequency sweep.

phi : float

Phase offset, in degrees.

qshape : {‘convex’, ‘concave’}

If method is ‘quadratic’, qshape specifies its shape.


If f0 is an array, it forms the coefficients of a polynomial in t (see numpy.polval). The polynomial determines the waveform frequency change in time. In this case, the values of f1, t1, method, and qshape are ignored.

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