scipy.interpolate.sproot(tck, mest=10)

Find the roots of a cubic B-spline.


Given the knots (>=8) and coefficients of a cubic B-spline return the roots of the spline.


tck – A length 3 sequence describing the given spline (See splev).
The number of knots must be >= 8. The knots must be a montonically increasing sequence.

mest – An estimate of the number of zeros (Default is 10).

Outputs: (zeros, )

zeros – An array giving the roots of the spline.
See also:

splprep, splrep, splint, spalde, splev - evaluation, roots, integral bisplrep, bisplev - bivariate splines UnivariateSpline, BivariateSpline - an alternative wrapping

of the FITPACK functions

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