scipy.interpolate.interpn(points, values, xi, method='linear', bounds_error=True, fill_value=nan)[source]

Multidimensional interpolation on regular grids.


points : tuple of ndarray of float, with shapes (m1, ), ..., (mn, )

The points defining the regular grid in n dimensions.

values : array_like, shape (m1, ..., mn, ...)

The data on the regular grid in n dimensions.

xi : ndarray of shape (..., ndim)

The coordinates to sample the gridded data at

method : str, optional

The method of interpolation to perform. Supported are “linear” and “nearest”, and “splinef2d”. “splinef2d” is only supported for 2-dimensional data.

bounds_error : bool, optional

If True, when interpolated values are requested outside of the domain of the input data, a ValueError is raised. If False, then fill_value is used.

fill_value : number, optional

If provided, the value to use for points outside of the interpolation domain. If None, values outside the domain are extrapolated. Extrapolation is not supported by method “splinef2d”.


values_x : ndarray, shape xi.shape[:-1] + values.shape[ndim:]

Interpolated values at input coordinates.

See also

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New in version 0.14.