InterpolatedUnivariateSpline.__call__(x, nu=0, ext=None)[source]

Evaluate spline (or its nu-th derivative) at positions x.


x : array_like

A 1-D array of points at which to return the value of the smoothed spline or its derivatives. Note: x can be unordered but the evaluation is more efficient if x is (partially) ordered.

nu : int

The order of derivative of the spline to compute.

ext : int

Controls the value returned for elements of x not in the interval defined by the knot sequence.

  • if ext=0 or ‘extrapolate’, return the extrapolated value.
  • if ext=1 or ‘zeros’, return 0
  • if ext=2 or ‘raise’, raise a ValueError
  • if ext=3 or ‘const’, return the boundary value.

The default value is 0, passed from the initialization of UnivariateSpline.