scipy.linalg.cho_solve_banded(cb_and_lower, b, overwrite_b=False, check_finite=True)[source]

Solve the linear equations A x = b, given the Cholesky factorization of A.

Parameters :

(cb, lower) : tuple, (array, bool)

cb is the Cholesky factorization of A, as given by cholesky_banded. lower must be the same value that was given to cholesky_banded.

b : array

Right-hand side

overwrite_b : bool

If True, the function will overwrite the values in b.

check_finite : boolean, optional

Whether to check the input matrixes contain only finite numbers. Disabling may give a performance gain, but may result to problems (crashes, non-termination) if the inputs do contain infinities or NaNs.

Returns :

x : array

The solution to the system A x = b

See also

Cholesky factorization of a banded matrix


New in version 0.8.0.

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