numpy.unwrap(p, discont=3.141592653589793, axis=-1)[source]

Unwrap by changing deltas between values to 2*pi complement.

Unwrap radian phase p by changing absolute jumps greater than discont to their 2*pi complement along the given axis.

Parameters :

p : array_like

Input array.

discont : float, optional

Maximum discontinuity between values, default is pi.

axis : int, optional

Axis along which unwrap will operate, default is the last axis.

Returns :

out : ndarray

Output array.

See also

rad2deg, deg2rad


If the discontinuity in p is smaller than pi, but larger than discont, no unwrapping is done because taking the 2*pi complement would only make the discontinuity larger.


>>> phase = np.linspace(0, np.pi, num=5)
>>> phase[3:] += np.pi
>>> phase
array([ 0.        ,  0.78539816,  1.57079633,  5.49778714,  6.28318531])
>>> np.unwrap(phase)
array([ 0.        ,  0.78539816,  1.57079633, -0.78539816,  0.        ])

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