Convert a polynomial to a Legendre series.

Convert an array representing the coefficients of a polynomial (relative to the “standard” basis) ordered from lowest degree to highest, to an array of the coefficients of the equivalent Legendre series, ordered from lowest to highest degree.

Parameters :

pol : array_like

1-D array containing the polynomial coefficients

Returns :

c : ndarray

1-D array containing the coefficients of the equivalent Legendre series.

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The easy way to do conversions between polynomial basis sets is to use the convert method of a class instance.


>>> from numpy import polynomial as P
>>> p = P.Polynomial(np.arange(4))
>>> p
Polynomial([ 0.,  1.,  2.,  3.], [-1.,  1.])
>>> c = P.Legendre(P.poly2leg(p.coef))
>>> c
Legendre([ 1.  ,  3.25,  1.  ,  0.75], [-1.,  1.])

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