numpy.obj2sctype(rep, default=None)

Return the scalar dtype or NumPy equivalent of Python type of an object.

Parameters :

rep : any

The object of which the type is returned.

default : any, optional

If given, this is returned for objects whose types can not be determined. If not given, None is returned for those objects.

Returns :

dtype : dtype or Python type

The data type of rep.

See also

sctype2char, issctype, issubsctype, issubdtype, maximum_sctype


>>> np.obj2sctype(np.int32)
<type 'numpy.int32'>
>>> np.obj2sctype(np.array([1., 2.]))
<type 'numpy.float64'>
>>> np.obj2sctype(np.array([1.j]))
<type 'numpy.complex128'>
>>> np.obj2sctype(dict)
<type 'numpy.object_'>
>>> np.obj2sctype('string')
<type 'numpy.string_'>
>>> np.obj2sctype(1, default=list)
<type 'list'>

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