numpy.not_equal(x1, x2[, out])

Return (x1 != x2) element-wise.

Parameters :

x1, x2 : array_like

Input arrays.

out : ndarray, optional

A placeholder the same shape as x1 to store the result. See doc.ufuncs (Section “Output arguments”) for more details.

Returns :

not_equal : ndarray bool, scalar bool

For each element in x1, x2, return True if x1 is not equal to x2 and False otherwise.


>>> np.not_equal([1.,2.], [1., 3.])
array([False,  True], dtype=bool)
>>> np.not_equal([1, 2], [[1, 3],[1, 4]])
array([[False,  True],
       [False,  True]], dtype=bool)

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