Return the mask of a masked array, or full boolean array of False.

Return the mask of arr as an ndarray if arr is a MaskedArray and the mask is not nomask, else return a full boolean array of False of the same shape as arr.

Parameters :

arr : array_like

Input MaskedArray for which the mask is required.

See also

Return the mask of a masked array, or nomask.
Return the data of a masked array as an ndarray.


>>> import as ma
>>> a = ma.masked_equal([[1,2],[3,4]], 2)
>>> a
masked_array(data =
 [[1 --]
 [3 4]],
      mask =
 [[False  True]
 [False False]],
>>> ma.getmaskarray(a)
array([[False,  True],
       [False, False]], dtype=bool)

Result when mask == nomask

>>> b = ma.masked_array([[1,2],[3,4]])
>>> b
masked_array(data =
 [[1 2]
 [3 4]],
      mask =
>>> >ma.getmaskarray(b)
array([[False, False],
       [False, False]], dtype=bool)

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