Stack arrays in sequence depth wise (along third axis).

Takes a sequence of arrays and stack them along the third axis to make a single array. Rebuilds arrays divided by dsplit. This is a simple way to stack 2D arrays (images) into a single 3D array for processing.

Parameters :

tup : sequence of arrays

Arrays to stack. All of them must have the same shape along all but the third axis.

Returns :

stacked : ndarray

The array formed by stacking the given arrays.

See also

Stack along first axis.
Stack along second axis.
Join arrays.
Split array along third axis.


The function is applied to both the _data and the _mask, if any.


>>> a = np.array((1,2,3))
>>> b = np.array((2,3,4))
>>> np.dstack((a,b))
array([[[1, 2],
        [2, 3],
        [3, 4]]])
>>> a = np.array([[1],[2],[3]])
>>> b = np.array([[2],[3],[4]])
>>> np.dstack((a,b))
array([[[1, 2]],
       [[2, 3]],
       [[3, 4]]])

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