, b, fill_value=True)

Return True if all entries of a and b are equal, using fill_value as a truth value where either or both are masked.

Parameters :

a, b : array_like

Input arrays to compare.

fill_value : bool, optional

Whether masked values in a or b are considered equal (True) or not (False).

Returns :

y : bool

Returns True if the two arrays are equal within the given tolerance, False otherwise. If either array contains NaN, then False is returned.


>>> a = ma.array([1e10, 1e-7, 42.0], mask=[0, 0, 1])
>>> a
masked_array(data = [10000000000.0 1e-07 --],
      mask = [False False  True],
>>> b = array([1e10, 1e-7, -42.0])
>>> b
array([  1.00000000e+10,   1.00000000e-07,  -4.20000000e+01])
>>> ma.allequal(a, b, fill_value=False)
>>> ma.allequal(a, b)

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