Swap the bytes of the array elements

Toggle between low-endian and big-endian data representation by returning a byteswapped array, optionally swapped in-place.

Parameters :

inplace: bool, optional :

If True, swap bytes in-place, default is False.

Returns :

out: ndarray :

The byteswapped array. If inplace is True, this is a view to self.


>>> A = np.array([1, 256, 8755], dtype=np.int16)
>>> map(hex, A)
['0x1', '0x100', '0x2233']
>>> A.byteswap(True)
array([  256,     1, 13090], dtype=int16)
>>> map(hex, A)
['0x100', '0x1', '0x3322']

Arrays of strings are not swapped

>>> A = np.array(['ceg', 'fac'])
>>> A.byteswap()
array(['ceg', 'fac'],

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