numpy.base_repr(number, base=2, padding=0)

Return a string representation of a number in the given base system.

Parameters :

number : int

The value to convert. Only positive values are handled.

base : int, optional

Convert number to the base number system. The valid range is 2-36, the default value is 2.

padding : int, optional

Number of zeros padded on the left. Default is 0 (no padding).

Returns :

out : str

String representation of number in base system.

See also

Faster version of base_repr for base 2.


>>> np.base_repr(5)
>>> np.base_repr(6, 5)
>>> np.base_repr(7, base=5, padding=3)
>>> np.base_repr(10, base=16)
>>> np.base_repr(32, base=16)

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