Extremal values

amin (a[, axis, out]) Return the minimum along an axis.
amax (a[, axis, out]) Return the maximum along an axis.
nanmax (a[, axis]) Return the maximum of array elements over the given axis ignoring any NaNs.
nanmin (a[, axis]) Return the minimum of array elements over the given axis ignoring any NaNs.
ptp (a[, axis, out]) Range of values (maximum - minimum) along an axis.

Averages and variances

average (a[, axis, weights, returned]) Return the weighted average of array over the specified axis.
mean (a[, axis, dtype, out]) Compute the arithmetic mean along the specified axis.
median (a[, axis, out, overwrite_input]) Compute the median along the specified axis.
std (a[, axis, dtype, out, ...]) Compute the standard deviation along the specified axis.
var (a[, axis, dtype, out, ...]) Compute the variance along the specified axis.


corrcoef (x[, y, rowvar, bias]) Return correlation coefficients.
correlate (a, v[, mode]) Discrete, linear correlation of two 1-dimensional sequences.
cov (m[, y, rowvar, bias]) Estimate a covariance matrix, given data.


histogram (a[, bins, range, normed, ...]) Compute the histogram of a set of data.
histogram2d (x, y[, bins, range, normed, ...]) Compute the bidimensional histogram of two data samples.
histogramdd (sample[, bins, range, normed, ...]) Compute the multidimensional histogram of some data.
bincount (x,weights]) Return the number of occurrences of each value in x.
digitize (x,bins) Return the index of the bin to which each value of x belongs.