, axis=None, kind='quicksort', order=None, fill_value=None)

Return an ndarray of indices that sort the array along the specified axis. Masked values are filled beforehand to fill_value.


axis : int, optional

Axis along which to sort. If not given, the flattened array is used.

kind : {‘quicksort’, ‘mergesort’, ‘heapsort’}, optional

Sorting algorithm.

order : list, optional

When a is an array with fields defined, this argument specifies which fields to compare first, second, etc. Not all fields need be specified.

Returns :

——- :

index_array : ndarray, int

Array of indices that sort a along the specified axis. In other words, a[index_array] yields a sorted a.

See also

Describes sorting algorithms used.
Indirect stable sort with multiple keys.
Inplace sort.


See sort for notes on the different sorting algorithms.

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