interp2d.__call__(x, y, dx=0, dy=0, assume_sorted=False)[source]#

interp2d is deprecated! interp2d is deprecated in SciPy 1.10 and will be removed in SciPy 1.12.0.

For legacy code, nearly bug-for-bug compatible replacements are RectBivariateSpline on regular grids, and bisplrep/bisplev for scattered 2D data.

In new code, for regular grids use RegularGridInterpolator instead. For scattered data, prefer LinearNDInterpolator or CloughTocher2DInterpolator.

For more details see

Interpolate the function.

x1-D array

x-coordinates of the mesh on which to interpolate.

y1-D array

y-coordinates of the mesh on which to interpolate.

dxint >= 0, < kx

Order of partial derivatives in x.

dyint >= 0, < ky

Order of partial derivatives in y.

assume_sortedbool, optional

If False, values of x and y can be in any order and they are sorted first. If True, x and y have to be arrays of monotonically increasing values.

z2-D array with shape (len(y), len(x))

The interpolated values.