Meson and distutils ways of doing things#

Old workflows (numpy.distutils based):

The file was removed in commit 0f73f92255253ec5dff2de5ca45d8d3bdda03f92 [^1^_].

  1. python

  2. python build_ext -i + export PYTHONPATH=/home/username/path/to/scipy/reporoot (and then edit pure Python code in SciPy and run it with python

  3. python develop - this is similar to (2), except in-place build is made permanently visible in env.

  4. python bdist_wheel + pip install dist/scipy*.whl - build wheel in current env (i.e. uses installed numpy, etc.) and install it.

  5. pip install . - build wheel in an isolated build env against deps in pyproject.toml and install it. Note: be careful, this is usually not the correct command for development installs - typically you want to use (4) or pip install . -v --no-build-isolation.

New workflows (Meson and meson-python based):

  1. python

  2. pip install -e . --no-build-isolation (see the meson-python docs)

  3. the same as (2)

  4. python -m build --no-isolation + pip install dist/scipy*.whl - see pypa/build.

  5. pip install .

[^1^_]: [Commit 0f73f92255253ec5dff2de5ca45d8d3bdda03f92 on GitHub](scipy/scipy).