NdPPoly.integrate_1d(a, b, axis, extrapolate=None)[source]

Compute NdPPoly representation for one dimensional definite integral

The result is a piecewise polynomial representing the integral:

\[p(y, z, ...) = \int_a^b dx\, p(x, y, z, ...)\]

where the dimension integrated over is specified with the axis parameter.

a, bfloat

Lower and upper bound for integration.


Dimension over which to compute the 1D integrals

extrapolatebool, optional

Whether to extrapolate to out-of-bounds points based on first and last intervals, or to return NaNs.

igNdPPoly or array-like

Definite integral of the piecewise polynomial over [a, b]. If the polynomial was 1-dimensional, an array is returned, otherwise, an NdPPoly object.