scipy.optimize.root_scalar(args=(), method='newton', x0=None, options={})

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For documentation for the rest of the parameters, see scipy.optimize.root_scalar

args : tuple, optional

Extra arguments passed to the objective function and its derivative.

xtol : float, optional

Tolerance (absolute) for termination.

rtol : float, optional

Tolerance (relative) for termination.

maxiter : int, optional

Maximum number of iterations.

x0 : float, required

Initial guess.

fprime : bool or callable, optional

If fprime is a boolean and is True, f is assumed to return the value of derivative along with the objective function. fprime can also be a callable returning the derivative of f. In this case, it must accept the same arguments as f.

options: dict, optional

Specifies any method-specific options not covered above

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