scipy.stats.mstats.compare_medians_ms(group_1, group_2, axis=None)[source]

Compares the medians from two independent groups along the given axis.

The comparison is performed using the McKean-Schrader estimate of the standard error of the medians.

group_1 : array_like

First dataset. Has to be of size >=7.

group_2 : array_like

Second dataset. Has to be of size >=7.

axis : int, optional

Axis along which the medians are estimated. If None, the arrays are flattened. If axis is not None, then group_1 and group_2 should have the same shape.

compare_medians_ms : {float, ndarray}

If axis is None, then returns a float, otherwise returns a 1-D ndarray of floats with a length equal to the length of group_1 along axis.