For each region in regions, it sorts the indices of the Voronoi vertices such that the resulting points are in a clockwise or counterclockwise order around the generator point.

This is done as follows: Recall that the n-th region in regions surrounds the n-th generator in points and that the k-th Voronoi vertex in vertices is the projected circumcenter of the tetrahedron obtained by the k-th triangle in _tri.simplices (and the origin). For each region n, we choose the first triangle (=Voronoi vertex) in _tri.simplices and a vertex of that triangle not equal to the center n. These determine a unique neighbor of that triangle, which is then chosen as the second triangle. The second triangle will have a unique vertex not equal to the current vertex or the center. This determines a unique neighbor of the second triangle, which is then chosen as the third triangle and so forth. We proceed through all the triangles (=Voronoi vertices) belonging to the generator in points and obtain a sorted version of the vertices of its surrounding region.