scipy.stats.zmap(scores, compare, axis=0, ddof=0)

Calculates the relative z-scores.

Returns an array of z-scores, i.e., scores that are standardized to zero mean and unit variance, where mean and variance are calculated from the comparison array.

Parameters :

scores : array_like

The input for which z-scores are calculated.

compare : array_like

The input from which the mean and standard deviation of the normalization are taken; assumed to have the same dimension as scores.

axis : int or None, optional

Axis over which mean and variance of compare are calculated. Default is 0.

ddof : int, optional

Degrees of freedom correction in the calculation of the standard deviation. Default is 0.

Returns :

zscore : array_like

Z-scores, in the same shape as scores.


This function preserves ndarray subclasses, and works also with matrices and masked arrays (it uses asanyarray instead of asarray for parameters).

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